4 Tips to Improve Health and Wellness in the Workplace

All those long hours day after day can place a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies. From all the unhealthy snacks in the breakroom (or your kitchen) to the aches and pains we experience from sitting in a chair for hours on end, here are 4 simple things that can improve your health and wellness while at work.

1) Drink plenty of water

Now these tips are not in any special order, however, water intake would definitely take the top spot on the priority list! The average adult is made up of about 60% water. I don’t care what your goals are in fitness and wellness, water intake plays a vital role in getting you there. Water aids in digestion, nutrient delivery, increased physical performance, weight loss, increased cognitive function, and the list goes on and on! I cannot stress to you enough, if you are a living breathing human being, you need to drink water. I personally shoot for about 100 ounces of water, but a general rule of thumb is to drink your half of your body weight in ounces.

2) Physical activity/Take a walk during lunch

This is nothing new here, but it blows my mind that people still look for some magic formula, pill or powder that will take you to the promise land overnight. Nothing will beat getting up from your chair and moving your body. We as humans were built to move, so move it. If you have an hour-long lunch break, I recommend taking 20 minutes of that time for a quick walk. “But Josh, theirs snow outside and it’s freezing.” Great, go walk up and down the stairs in your office building, walk around the hallways, do high knees in your cubicle, do SOMETHING! I’ve heard every excuse imaginable and the reality is, if you find it important, you will make it a priority. A lot of us just need to drop the excuses and start taking action to better our health.

3) PACK a healthy lunch

Yep, I said “pack” your lunch. The more we can avoid the temptations of fast food or convenient store snacking, the better. Like many, I find it difficult to say no to burgers and pizza, IF it’s around. By packing your lunch and throwing in some healthier snack options for your day you are setting yourself up for success! When you pack healthy food options not only are you going to feel better and increase your chances of making it through your day without a crash, but your body and overall wellness is going to be much better off in the long run.

4) Take small, purposeful breaks

You’ve made it this far so please stay with me. What I am NOT asking you to do here, is take a break every 20 minutes and cause distraction at your place of work. A quick two minutes is all you need once every hour or two hours. I’d bet that you probably have a couple coworkers that do this already to go outside and smoke; you can take a couple minutes to refocus and improve your wellness and you don’t even need to leave your office or cubicle. These short breaks give your eyes a break from computer screens, it’s a chance to get the blood flowing in your body and stretch out your legs, and it’s a great way to refocus mentally. During your break make sure you drink some water, grab one of those healthy snacks you packed, and move around a little bit.

There are so many things you can do dial in your health and wellness, these are just a few simple ones that you can implemented right away. Even if you choose one or two of the above tips to implement into your day, I promise your health will be in a much better place than it is now. The goal is to improve, one step, then another. I’ve told my clients before that losing half a pound a week doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment, but when you track that over 6 months, you’re at 13 pounds lost! That’s 26 pounds in one year!! My point is, those small milestones will eventually lead to those results your after you just have to make the decision right now to commit to change.

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