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" We have no interest in selling you something that no one will use."

Creating a wellness culture in your company isn't easy. If it's done well, a culture of wellness can provide massive benefits to your employees, their families and to your organization. Otherwise, it can be a huge waste of time and money.

Your organization is unique. That's why we developed a special process to develop and deliver wellness programming that your employees will actually use and that will provide your company a return on investment. 

Instead of selling you an off-the-shelf product, we take the time to build a comprehensive plan for you that will give your organization and employees the best possible results.

Step 1: Work with leadership to understand the strategic objectives of the company.

Wellness only works if it is in alignment with the rest of the company. Let's say your company is entering a new geographic market and will be hiring new people that will be working remotely. We want to make sure that wellness plans for a distributed employee model and that everyone can be included.

Step 2: Understand your organization's culture.

This is one of the most important steps in the entire process. What is it like to work for your organization? Are your employees super competitive? Do they like to have fun? Are your people collaborators? We experience and study your culture so your wellness programming doesn't seem like extra work or something that you force on your employees.

Step 3: Identify the biggest wellness opportunities and benchmark accordingly

One of the biggest mistakes we see when rolling out wellness programming is having too much at once. Employees can easily get overwhelmed by additional things they have to do at work. We work with you to identify and prioritize the opportunities to make the biggest impact the fastest with the fewest resources.

Step 4: Enrollment

The most common challenge we encounter with wellness programs is low participation. If you're investing the resources, your employees should be participating! Our team works hard to enroll your team in participating. In fact, we guarantee that after the first year of working with us, at least 50% of your employees will be actively participating in your wellness programming!

Step 5: Execute

Your employees will have access to virtual workouts, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, webinars, nutrition information, challenges and specially designed courses. But where we really shine, is coaching! We keep employees accountable with our coaching team to ensure the best possible results for your employees and for the organization.

Step 6: Measure and collect feedback

We love to have fun AND we're data driven. In cooperation with your team, we'll collect multiple data points that allow us to understand the impact of the wellness culture on your organization and your return on investment. Together, we can make informed decisions on how to continue to grow your people and your company.

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